Hi! I am thinking about setting up two separate viewing areas in my new home, one with a relatively inexpensive analog 4x3 set for regular tv and a second in another room dedicated to watching dvd's. The second room is approximately 12 by 17 and only has one window on which I can put some kind of blackout shade. Here are my questions:

1. What kind of front projector would be best for viewing dvd's. I assume I don't really need HD level resolution since the only source will be a dvd player outputing 480i or 480p.

2. The projector will need to be at the back of the room, 16 to 17 feet from the screen. Is that a problem? The ceiling is at least 15 feet high so I don't think ceiling mounting is practical.

3. Can anyone recommend good (comfortable) theater style seating?

4. What height should the center of the screen be from the floor for comfortable viewing?

5. What can I expect PQ wise from such a setup? Up till now all my dvd watching has been on a 27" direct view crt.

The alternative is to forget about a second setup and just go with a 34" hdtv in the main living room (not enough ambient light control there for fp). All advice is greatly appreciated.