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    Pink Floyd Echo's

    How's this CD sound? I have all other PF CD's and thought about getting this if it sounds good. The last one I got The Wall Live, sounds kinda crapy, almost as bad as the Stones in Concert.

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    It's a "best of" compilation, so if you already have their other releases, you probably don't need it. Unless you want to be a completist.

    The sound quality of the remastering is actually quite good, and there is an interesting (some would say definitive) re-edit of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond." The song sequencing is odd, as it lurches back and forth through differing eras, but still works in spite of itself.
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    One of my favorite discs, actually. The part that makes the disc- the compilation order. The "heartbeat" at the end of "SOYCD" transforms into sonar pings of "Echoes". It's magic.
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