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    Paging all Proggers

    If anyone is has a limited number of Frameshift CDs signed by James LaBrie and Henning Pauly on sale for $15.95. Hey, I was going to order this one from Amazon for $14.99. For a buck more (okay $1.30 CAD) I can get it signed. Cool!

    I also blindly ordered,
    Chain - Reconstruct (I think Darren mentioned this in the Tuesday thread last week)
    Cryptic Vision - Moments of Clarity - Never heard of it, but I liked the description. "a progressive rock band from Florida that draws its influence from groups like Yes, Kansas, Spock's Beard, Dream Theater, Rush, Pink Floyd, and Saga". What? No Genesis influence? Anyone know this album?

    Edit: later that same night......
    I'm listening to the title track of the Cryptic Vision disk on internet radio ( right now and it's really, really good. I don't think that I went wrong ordering this one unheard. If the rest of the disk is as good as this track, I'll be very happy.
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    I am always wary of self-hype.

    Let us know if it lives up to it.

    I saw a band called High On Flames that billed itself as out Black Sabbathing Black Sabbath.

    Yeah, sure, right. I'll believe it when I hear it.

    On the other hand, I was interested in Andromeda's II = I for similar reasons. Let's see if I can find the hype...

    Oh, yeah, here it is:
    Progressive metal at its best, for fans of Arena and Dream Theater, what Rush fans have been waiting for since Moving Pictures.
    Still haven't picked it up, but I will eventually. If it's half as good as Moving Pictures, it'll have been worth it.
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