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    Paging PPG re: Moody Blues comps

    is there a track list for these posted anywhere? I have no idea what happened to the original track list..


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    I have them stored here on my computer. Here ya go. Also, I can probably send you some CCR. I know I've got some discs at home.


    Essential Moody Blues - Volume 1

    1 In The Beginning/Lovely To See You
    2 Tuesday Afternoon
    3 Dawn Is A Feeling
    4 Ride My See-Saw
    5 Question
    6 It's Up To You
    7 For My Lady
    8 Story In Your Eyes
    9 You And Me
    10 Dear Diary
    11 Gypsy (Of A Strange And Distant Time)
    12 Melancholy Man
    13 I'm Just A Singer In A Rock And Roll Band
    14 Nights In White Satin
    15 Isn't Life Strange
    16 The Dream / Have You Heard Part 1
    The Voyage / Have You Heard Part 2

    Essential Moody Blues - Volume 2

    1 The Voice
    2 This Morning
    3 English Sunset
    4 Blue World
    5 My Brother
    6 Talking Out Of Turn
    7 I Dreamed Last Night
    8 Gemini Dream
    9 Blue Guitar
    10 The Other Side Of Life
    11 I Know You Are Out There Somewhere
    12 Say It With Love
    13 No More Lies
    14 Your Wildest Dreams
    15 Strange Times

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    Thanks, JDaniel. I just surfed in. I'd forgot about those!

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