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Thread: OT: Rescue Me

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    OT: Rescue Me

    Anyone watch this F/X show? The season finale was last night.

    This is some of the best TV I've seen in years. Apparently, there is a 2nd season, but it doesn't start until next summer.

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    I have watched it sporadically and saw part of last nights episode, but I just don't seem to connect with it nearly as much as you do, and sometimes even I find myself switching channels for awhile during some scenes that just rub me wrong. Not sure why. The acting is very good but sometimes it just seems too unbelievable or discouraging and the characters, especially Leary's, are so unsympathetic. Good show, just not quite good for me.

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    Yeah, one of the better shows I've seen. Realistic? Probably not, but it's a TV show. One other thing about it..great music!

    I loved when Tommy (Denis Leary) was pissing off the cops on purpose just so they would be so mad they couldn't play good hockey, which of course ended up with a big scrap out in the lobby of the arena with all the kids watching! Cops and Firemen all fighting like little kids on the playground!

    Season 2 next summer?!!? That almost ticks me off as much as 2 years in between Sopranos seasons. I'll probably have lost interest by then!

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