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And a few years later I may have a better appreciation for OK Computer. I don't know that I'd list it above The Bends though.

There was a rumour a few years back that In Rainbows was meant to be a companion to OK Computer and there are even those who claim that intermingling the tracks result in a cohesive album; one articles quotes the band itself on this merging of tracks twixt the two albums. The suggested track listing has several versions but after trying a couple of them I decided that OK Computer has stood the test of time better than In Rainbows.
In Rainbows is really the only one of theirs lately I could really get into at all. I think I probably like OK Computer better than In Rainbows, but The Bends is still my favorite Radiohead record. And for the life of me I cannot figure out all of the hype surrounding the band to this very day.