Does anyone listen to him? I listened to a couple of his CD's last night and they may be as good as vinyl. The titles are "Out of the Air" and "a place among the stones", the latter being a Covert Records production from 1998 and the former from Tara Music Company 1988. Both were excellent recordings. I had no sense of digital muddiness or lack of clarity in the highs. If all cd's sounded like this, I'd have no problem listening to them whatsoever. I've owned them both for some time and always considered them to be well done but never knew that they were this good. I have to give some credit to my new speakers.
This is considered Celtic music but I'd call it a blend of Celtic, Classical and Jazz. Spillane was a member of the band (orchestra?) for Riverdance and was where I first heard him. His own music has more variety than the Riverdance music and IMO, is excellent. There is a wide variety of interesting percussion, flutes, strings including piano and Davy's specialty, the uillean pipes, all are done extremely well. It's about 90% instrumental music. The dynamics and clarity of these cd's was outstanding and gave me new hope for rbcd.
Is anyone familiar with his music or the recording companies who made these cd's? Engineers were Colin and Andrew Boland. They did a helluva job.
Also listened to Kenny Wayne Shepherd, "trouble is" some of you jazz guys should know him. "Blue on Black" is a great song but I heard some digital boo boos on this cd, too bad, some of the songs could have been really good.
Vanessa Carlton "be not nobody" was also an excellent recording. The young lady with the beautiful piano and she is a very adept pianist. Some might not like her, kind of "pop" with a seductive voice but her composing and ability to play are outstanding in my book. This is a loud cd but no ear fatigue. Maybe my new speakers will open up a whole new world for me, I've already found a few cd's that are well done with great sound.
Sorry to bore you with tales of my listening sessions but would like to hear from anyone else who has heard and enjoys any of this music.