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    A most surreal moment...

    In the spirit of Swish’s list, let me begin my story with the lyrics to one of my choices for saddest (and most movingly beautiful) songs.

    Prayer To St. Peter

    Let them in, Peter
    For they are very tired
    Give them couches where the angels sleep
    And light those fires
    Let them wake whole again
    To brand new dawns
    Fired by the sun
    Not war-times bloody guns
    May their peace be deep
    Remember where the broken bodies lie
    God knows how young they were
    To have to die

    You know God knows how young they were
    To have to die

    Give them things they like
    Let them make some noise
    Give dance hall bands not golden harps
    To these our boys
    Let them love Peter
    For they've had no time
    They should have bird songs and trees
    And hills to climb
    The taste of summer
    And a ripened pear
    And girls as sweet as meadow wind
    And flowing hair
    And tell them how they are missed
    But say not to fear
    It's gonna be all right
    With us down here

    This is a breathtaking song, by Edwin McCain, that always moves me no matter how many times I hear it. I’m trying to learn how to play this song on guitar. So, as I was driving this evening I was listening to this song over and over again.

    I’m getting onto the highway and I can see cop cars speeding by. Just as I hit the top of the ramp a cop car slows in front of me and stops me from entering onto the highway. He gets out of the car and signals to me that it’ll just be a few minutes as cars are lining up behind me.

    I realize, as I sit there listening to this song, that there is less and less traffic on the highway; that they are temporarily closing the road for some reason. I’m thinking of the reasons it could be… SWAT Team…ambulance…organ transfer…all reasons that the highway has been closed in the past.

    I turn off the CD and put the radio on for the traffic report to see what I can learn. Just as the report is starting I hear sirens and see cop cars escorting several large limosines with Canadian flags sticking up from the hoods. I’m wondering if the Prime Minister is in town. Then at the exact time that the radio starts explaining…I see two hearsts. Followed by another limo and more cop cars. The transportation of two fallen soldiers, killed on Saturday by a roadside bomb in Kandahar.

    After my cop moved on and opened up the ramp again, I had to pull to shoulder and take a few moments to compose myself.

    Those men are heroes. As are the many men and women who devote their lives to our countries in the hopes of creating a better world for us all.

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    It's nice to see we treat our soldiers with this respect. Quite frankly, I'm surprised, but I'm glad for it.

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    What was even nicer, was to see the number of people lined up on the bridges over-looking the DVP, holding Canadian flags to pay their respect as the motorcade carried on in front of me.

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