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    I love this album and I love the cover!

    Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk

    Compilation that came out in '82. I bought it new and hadn't played it in quite a long time until today. Damn, tons of good stuff on here. Check out the track list.

    buzzcocks - boredom
    the fall - bingo masters breakout
    wire - 1,2 xu
    atv - life
    101'ers - keys to your heart
    999 - i'm alive
    adverts - gary gilmore's eyes
    dave goodman and friends - justifiable homicide
    slaughter and the dogs - where have all the boot boys gone
    stranglers - get a grip on yourself
    generation x - your generation
    vibrators - baby, baby
    x ray spex - identity
    swell maps - read about seymour
    the saints - i'm stranded
    heartbreakers - chinese rocks
    eater - lock it up
    lurkers - ain't got a clue
    adam and the ants - lady
    the damned - love song
    boomtown rats - looking after no. 1
    spizz energi - where's captain kirk
    the ruts - in a rut
    sham 69 - angels with dirty faces
    uk subs - stranglehold
    cockney rejects - flares and slippers
    killing joke - the wait
    anti-pasti - no government
    dead kennedy's - holiday in cambodia
    the exploited - dead cities
    vice squad - last rockers
    the business - harry may
    partisans - police story
    blitz - someone's gonna die
    gbh - city baby attacked by rats
    disorder - complete disorder
    attila the stockbroker - russians in the dhss
    angelic upstarts - lust for glory

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    always loved Baby, Baby by the Vibrators, haven't heard it in 15 years, I bet...

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