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Thread: HUM rocks

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    HUM rocks

    downward is we have to go through this again? Does Hum rock, or what? Kind of like a more melodic version of Slint. Did this album sell? Radio play? MTV? Is astronaut really better? One of the few CDs I brought with me on my trip - guess it must be good. Drums are a little too up front sometimes but overall good sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey
    Does Hum rock, or what? Kind of like a more melodic version of Slint.
    Nah, more like a heavier version of Smashing Pumpkins.
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    It rocks plenty.

    I've had this sucker in my TR8 player for many weeks, mainly because I kept forgetting to bring another cd with me when I took it on the road, but I didn't mind because it's so good. I finally changed it when I got the new Libertines a couple weeks ago, and I'll prolly leave that one in for a couple of months too.

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    They don't suck

    Quote Originally Posted by Davey
    Did this album sell?
    I bought it. :thumbs:
    Radio play?
    Don't know.
    Who cares? Isn't that like a soft-core pornography channel?
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    I bought my copy only recently after Jar was raving about it, I've had it a month or two but still need to find the time to listen all the way through. There's something about buying an album which has been out a while I tend not to play it to death when I get my hands on it, where as a new album you kind of feel obliged to give it a good listen.

    I think it rocks pretty well and a great powerful sound to boot.


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    Can't really add too much more, I've raved about this one more than a few times.

    Didn't get any airplay, didn't sell at all.

    However, they did get the big bucks for the production (and used them) because they had a minor hit with the song "Stars" from YOU'D PREFER AN ASTRONAUT back in '95. They were on Howard Stern. That was bizzarre.

    Though there wasn't a song with great hit-potentional on DOWNWARD, I think the band sounded way more confident, and of course, I love the production and think it's much stronger than ASTRONAUT. Though the step they made from the album prior, ELECTRA 2000 to ASTRONAUT was pretty giant step as well.

    What can I say.. I love the album, it's the sound of a band operating at full power, and the production is just amazing.. I like the drum sound just fine.. lots of other bands seemed to take up that "big drum" sound including Appleseed Cast and Jimmy Eat World.

    I think there's a good chance there will be another Hum album.. I really don't think they "broke up" .. they just kind of stopped being Hum for a while.

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