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    Concert Schedules need to be more streamlined

    Two weekends ago I went to see one of my new favourite bands, The Trews. Tomorrow night I'm going to see Nickelback mostly because I wanted to see the opening band, Three Days Grace (I paid about $50 for that ticket).

    Well, I was just checking out the Ticketmaster site for upcoming shows and The Trews and Three Days Grace are playing together at a small concert hall on March 3 for only $10!!!

    It's an interesting match since their musical styles are actually very different.

    I think that I'll go anyway since these are two of my favourite bands right now. But, man, I coulda saved some dough if I'd known that they were gonna do this.

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    Don't you hate when that happens?

    J/K...actually, that's never happened to me...
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    Awe, cheese.

    Sorry, but I don't care how many thousands of times you pity-posted me.

    Think of it as paying $30 a ticket and be happy. C'mon! You get to see a band you like 2x!

    Remember the old adage: the grass is always greener before the dawn.


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