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    Any Pink fans out there?

    If so, what's your favorite CD by her? Thank you, Michael

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    Most males are fans of pink, if you know what I mean.

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    her stuff is OK

    I work with a big fan of Pink who lent me 2 of her albums to check out. I got through them, but must say, I wasn't overly impressed. A few good songs on each album, but lots of 'run of the mill' filler too.
    I get the impression that she's trying to fill Madonnas slot (for this decade), but IMO I don't think she has the talent. She "over-sings", her voice lacks range, and the song arrangement is generic (in general).
    Just my opinion of course

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    ewww! A little swing and a big miss on that one.

    I'd guess you could put me down for a "no"

    Bet Darius likes her though!

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    I'm a huge Pink...........................Floyd fan

    Got all their albums.

    Refer to Codebutcher's post......that's the only pink I have.

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    She likable enough, I want to like her. I like her attitude and presence, but what she lacks is a clear musical vision. She's trying to cover too many bases. Plus she doesn't really record in styles that interest me. She should go after the hip adult crowd rather than the kids. I think she'll make a good album artist one day.. maybe like Dido.. who knows. I haven't heard her new album yet however. And, if my wife wasn't such a fan I probably wouldn't care at
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    I love her. My favourite album is still her first (that whole split personality psycho theme just appeals to me...those staccato bass notes in "Hell With Ya (Treat Me Right)"...), but the new one is quite good, too. I can't find my copy of Mizundastood, so can't really comment on that. I remember finding it too "happy" for my tastes -- I like her better when she's pissed off. But then again, I love her "sex" songs, too: "Love is Such A Crazy Thing", "Oh My God", etc.
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