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    3 As Good As Any I Own

    Just a rambling Friday observation, but I've played the same three albums numerous times this week. These aren't new releases. But some I just randomly pulled off the shelf this week after not having listened to them in a while. They're all three from different genres. But honestly, these three are as good as any I own. I've enjoyed them immensly. To these not-so-golden ears, there's not a stinker song on any of them.

    What are they you ask?

    Damien Rice - O (quality, intimate recording)

    Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Streetcore (what a great combo of rock, punk?, reggae, with a twinge of alt-country)

    Guy Clark - Cold Dog Soup (don't know that I've ever heard a better folk/americana album - my thanks to tentoze for introducing this one to me)

    This ever happen to you guys? Listen to an album and say "can it get any better than this?".


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    Quote Originally Posted by JDaniel
    This ever happen to you guys? Listen to an album and say "can it get any better than this?".

    All the time, JD, all the time. And, those 3 get the same reaction from me.
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