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    Unhappy Zune won't sync video

    my cousin got a Zune 30gb mp3 player and I syncronized the music just fine, the Zune menu opened and I got the mp3's from windows media player syncronized just fine but I cant get the video to sync. When I go to the zune menu and go to the "all video" (under Library) it says "there are no items in this library yet --the software is searching for digital media files in the background" then it says to click here to add files I go to it and i click on the document were all my videos are but they are not found. the zune supports all of these files WMA, MP3, AAC, JPEG, WMV, MPEG-4 and H.264

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    I don't know the software at all but you are saying it has an option to look in a folder for files and you did that and didn't find anything in the folder you know has files in it?

    I hate to ask, but are the files in a format compatible with the Zune? It has pretty damn good format support but there's still a few it won't handle.

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    Yeah you just have to make sure to tell the library to look in the folder where your videos are.

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