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    Too much DU...I needed a sanity break

    I hate the posting format on, but I did a little exploring just now. They definitely have a better sense of humor. Check this thread out:

    It involves putting captions with Al Gore pictures. Here's a couple of my favorites:
    Al Gore displays what New York's famous skyline would look like had he been elected President

    "When I'm President, I plan on moving the Capital to here ... Beijing"

    Someone call Madame Tussaud's, one of her wax figures has escaped. (No wonder he's afraid of global warming).

    Well...I'm off for a week of skiing in Vail, so I'm relying on you, Pete and JSE to document some "good" threads on DU so I can be "amused" when I get back. Don't let me down, now!
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    I understatnd what you say about DU. It gets overwhelming at times. You have to read it in small portions.

    Have fun in Vail.


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