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    Starship Enterprise shops at Radio Shack?

    This may have already been mentioned some time ago...
    Saturday, I was watching a rerun of an episode of "ENTERPRISE" ("Proving Ground").
    T'Pol was either taking a measurement, or adjusting something, using a Radio Shack SPL meter that was painted silver!
    Considering the fact that most of the STAR TREK television series seem to show a fairly optimistic portrayal of the future, I was saddened to see that as a species, the human race had not evolved beyond the need for Radio Shack stuff by the middle of the 22nd Century!


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    Considering they had to backwards engineer stuff (think back to the original Star Trek series) that isn't a bad thing to do. For their consoles they use different sound boards. Overall, we have no clue how things will look in that time frame, especially considering we have cell phones now that are smaller than their hand held communicators.

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    In an episode of THE NEXT GENERATION, for a testing instrument they used a specific stereo microphone that was sold at the shack. In reality, I owned two of them and they did a marvelous job recording stereo sound with rather outstanding sound quality on linear stereo and vhs hi-fi portable vcrs.

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