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    Sigh. A small complaint in the state of the economy...but still...

    So just when we thought that our house was finally coming together, we find out that ALL of our brand new carpeting needs to be replaced. Thank goodness for warranties!

    We got new carpet in August. Against my better judgment, I let Hubby talk me into an off-white carpet. Oh, the salesman said, you donít have to worry about the light colour, itís a Stainmaster! Well, in September I spilled coffee on it. After following Stainmasterís instructions for removing the stain and having TWO professional cleaners try to remove it (one at our expense, one at Stainmasterís expense), Stainmaster asked us to send a remnant sample to their lab for testing. It seems that the carpet wasnít treated properly and failed their test. So now, we have to repack four rooms, put everything back into the damn boxes, so that they can come and remove the defective carpet and replace it.

    Weíre not replacing it with off-white, thatís for damn sure!

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    Dammit FA. You're getting a crash course into the damn joys of owning a damn home. Isnt' everything you wanted and more

    These little trials and tribulations make you appreciate the process that much more. Look on the plus side, you get a 2nd chance at picking the perfect carpet. I know a few people that would kill for that opportunity.

    It'll all work out in the end...I promise*.

    * disclaimer: Kexodusc makes every effort to fulfill his promise (herein described as "the offer") . However, in light of the fact he has neither the credibility, nor wherewithal to actually guarantee the offer, FA agrees to accept the offer and all inevitable disappointments associated with trusting in Kexodusc at her own risk...this message will self destruct.

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    Alright let's all just calm down now.

    Thank you.

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    We picked out a carpet with a pattern. A mixture of dark and light colors. That makes it harder to see and dirt or stains.

    Good luck with your next choice.
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