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    Talking I got my Yamaha back!!!

    It all began a couple of years ago at a garage sale - this fellow had a dead CR-1020 receiver for sale: $5.00!! I took it in to the shop and got it fixed for about $75.00. I was running a good tube amp, so I didn't do much more with it, and then my ex-wife's sister-in-law needed a stereo. She got the Yamaha, and a pair of good Advent speakers from me, but almost as soon as it was gone, I wanted the Yamaha back. No regrets on the Advents, but they did sound good. When I finally asked her, she said that it had bent the entertainment center with its sheer weight, and a smaller, simpler unit would do. I got her a nice Marantz on eBay, and did the swap the other day. Tonight, I reterminated my speaker wires for it, and flipped the little switch on the back to use it as a power amp. I had suspected for some time that my B & W Matrix 805's needed some serious watts to really come alive. The Yamaha M-35 I was using sounded good, but the other day I thought to myself, "You know, this thing sounds a little thin." Well, the CR-1020 is impressive, not just for its size and weight (it sits on SIX feet), but it sounds GREAT! I think it's a keeper.


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    Congrats! nt.


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