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    Yamaha RX-V800 question

    The OSD seems to have disappeared on my Yamaha RX-V800. It works if I go into the set menu, but for volume adjustments, and speaker levels, nothing comes on screen. I've looked through the set menu several times and I can't find any option that I could have possibly turned off.

    Everything is running through s-video. It WAS working, then the other day I just noticed, the volume level and speaker levels weren't showing up on screen.

    Is there some setting hidden deep in one of the menus that I could have changed? Anyone have any ideas?


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    On your remote, try hitting the center button on the directional menu controls (it's the one with the play arrow and "SELECT" written on it). That toggles you through the OSD options, and it's very easy to push on accident.

    The only other time you wouldn't see the OSD would be if you use the component video connections.

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    Heh, I'm kicking myself right now. It worked, thanks.

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