In chapter 4 of the thesis reports students are required to analyze the data used in their studies statistically for the purpose to check the significance of their hypothesis. The hypothesis is the statement which explains the relationship between variables used in the study. Researchers examine the association between the dependent and independent variables used in the studies. To check the significance of the study sig value is used. If the sig value is greater than 0.05 so the null hypothesis is accepted other reject. Anyhow researchers should use sig value in interpretation it really asset them to interpret the statistical results of their studies. In thesis writing normally correlation and regression analysis are used worldwide for the purpose to check the significance of the studies. Thus sig value is the way through which researchers can easily come to know that either their study is significant or not. But for the student's interpretation of the statistical results always remains a matter of concern. They should need to get custom assignment help available in the market. By availing cheap assignment writing services they will be in a position to prepare the chapter 4 of their thesis research work and brings their thesis to the concluding end.