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    Bike to work day

    This Friday is bike to work day in my county (and a few others) and I'm participating. My route is about 13.5 miles one way.

    Anyone here ever participate in such a thing?
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    No- but I am off on Friday so I guess I could take the bike down the driveway and back....

    Good on you though for making the effort.
    I am hoping to get more into biking this Summer.
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    Good for you 3LB! I could ride to work if I wanted to. It's only about 15km. But to do it on a hot day would be a problem since there's really no place to shower or clean up. And I'd hate to walk around with helmet head all day. Besides, I'm off on Friday too.

    I bought a new bike last spring. Then we had such a hot and humid summer that I couldn't ride it (I have asthma and hot/humid is a bad combination for me). This spring I've been dying to go for a ride, but we've had nothing but rain for what feels like forever. Saturday is supposed to be dry. Fingers crossed!

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    I will, here is my bike.

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