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    Naim Launches XS Range

    In addition to the Naim Nait XS Integrated Amp, an entire XS Range has been launched (replacing the 5X series):


    So it maybe time for a certain member of our forums to ditch his NAC/NAP combo and get the new XS versions!

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    Looks like my system is already outdated! Actually the next logicial upgrade step would be a 282 pre-amp in my system, the trick with Naim is to go up two levels to get any major performance improvement. But I'm done with any hifi upgrades, all of my recent purchases have been artwork, and planning to buy out my car this month

    Fidelity Acoustics RFM-2 speakers
    Naim CD5x cd player
    Naim NAC 122x pre-amp
    Naim NAP 150x poweramp
    Naim FlatCap-2x power supply
    Naim Stageline N phono stage
    Naim NACA5 speaker cabling
    Naim Hi-Line interconnect
    Chord Crimson interconnects
    Rega Planar 3 turntable
    Goldring 1042 cartridge
    Squeezebox 3
    Oppo DV-983H dvd player
    Harmony 890 remote
    Quadraspire Q4 shelving
    Wiremold L10320 power strip

    System Picture #1 | System Picture #2 | System Design

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    Given that Naim has updated both the XS line and the CDX2 (now had digital out to use with the new Naim DAC) in ways that make these products easily upgradeable (either via the Naim DAC/power amps/pre amps/power supplies) I wonder when they will do the most obvious upgrade: The 5i line - since these are the gateway drugs to the Naim line, It would make a lot of sense if they could easily be upgraded with higher end Naim gear...

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