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    Cool The last video store

    GOT A FLYER in the mail from Blockbuster, something about summer rates.
    SO I went down and there was a "store closing" banner in
    the window, no more rentals, just sales. BLU for 12.99.
    THIS IS THE LAST "legitimate" video store in town, end of an era.
    COULDNT compete with netflix and redbox.
    SO THE CHAPTER of video stores closes, at least in my town.
    AND only one record store hanging on by its teeth.
    DVD will be close behind. THOSE who say it will last need to
    take note of a few things...
    NO "SPECIAL" FEATURES for one thing.
    CHEAP PRODUCTION, stamped ink only labels.
    THE LAST FEW dvds I rented for away from home use had no special features, lower than usual bitrates.
    DVD is now a commodity item, soon to be a dead item,
    cheaply made and disposable, all effort is being made on BLU now.
    WONDER if the savings on special features will be passed on?
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    We 'had' Blockbusters in our town but I never patronized them. We still have great family run video stores, however I never patronize them either. Everybody seems to be going to Netflex.

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    It's truly a shame. I still enjoy browsing for CDs and DVDs in actual retail stores. I feel it's a productive time and not a waste of time. You speak with the folks there, get recommenations, chat, etc. We just lost our Blockbuster store as well. Now I go to our county library which has a decent selection, even has Blu-ray flicks. Best part: no cost other than it comes out of our tax money of course. But I can understand how Netflix or similar services can save time. I did have a trial subscription to it last year and it was easy.

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    Still have a few mom and pop video stores and 1 last blockbuster left. I miss them.

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    This very similar to my town. We had a blockbuster and a hollywood video, they both went out of business =/ I much preferred going to those than ordering off netflix

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    All of the Blockbuster here in Chicago closed! I see Borders is closing now too. I can't see anymore dvd stores!


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