Up until now the (legit) way to get HBO has been straightforward -- order it from your cable company along with a big TV bundle. But today, HBO announcing their partnership with Apple to launch the internet-only HBO Now.

HBO CEO Richard Plepler's proclamation that, "All you need to get HBO Now is a broadband connection and an Apple device,". You will need both of those things to sign up.

Barbara Kraus of Parks Associates tells us analysts believe that after the 90-day exclusive is over, "HBO will open up to additional platforms including PCs, allowing users to sign up directly," just like Amazon and Netflix already do.

A "limited time" 30-day free trial wil be offered. It sounds like everything offered will be very similar to what we've seen from HBO Go, with access to movies; new TV shows like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, True Detective and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver; plus older series like The Wire, Sopranos, True Blood and Deadwood.

HBO tells us that the $14.99 subscription will allow for streaming on up to three devices at once, with no limit on the number of devices you can have activated.

HBO Now is cutting the cord, but there are still a few strings