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Thread: YPAO Settings?

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    YPAO Settings?

    Are YPAO settings final....i.e. you can't change any of the YPAO setting? Manual settings would be a different setup altogether. YPAO and Manul are independent settings?

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    I don't actually own a yamaha but I'm pretty sure you that you can change the YPAO setting. If you can't I have been reading everything wrong hehe! but yeah I'm almost positive that you can go in and change things here or there that you thing is wrong with what YPAO set



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    If I rememeber right if you make a change in the basic menu it will reset all valvues. You can use the sound menu to make changes without resetting values. The only change I made was to put the LFE (sub signal) to both. It is covered in the manual. I could have this backwards. I would look at the manual.
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