Last night our new TV was delivered by Sears. After hooking it up, we all decided to watch a DVD. Once the movie started, I noticed the sub wasn't playing any LFE signals. I normally have the receiver set to the Dolby Pro Logic II setting and this is where I had it set at that time. I cycled the receiver through all the other settings and noticed the LFE signal was present in all of them except for PL II. I couldn't figure it out. I set the receiver to PL II and proceeded to check all the other settings according to the manual. I made sure everything was set as the manual called for in order for the sub to work, but still nothing. After about 30 minutes of what basically amounted to blindly playing with the receiver I stumbled across something that had something to do with the crossover frequency of the sub. I selected 80 hz and all of a sudden I had an LFE signal to my sub. This was weird. I still don't know what I did, and I could swear I had all the settings exactly as the manual called for them, but it wouldn't work until I accidently stumbled across this setting. Anyone else had a similar issue with their receiver?