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Thread: suround options

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    suround options

    I am looking at purchasing a suround package in a month or two and I was wondering what options I have if my tv does not have audio out. I've been searching everywhere for this, so any input is appreciated. My tv only has coax in and one set of component in. Now...i need to get the cable audio to the receiver. I thought of only three possible options and I don't know if they make them...

    a receiver with coax in and out that will take the audio and send the signal to the tv.

    a receiver that will act as a cable box and actually switch the channels (watch tv in input mode)

    a radio shack contraption that takes coax in and sends it out coax and component audio out

    I was hoping that #3 would be the case because it seems like a lot of people could use something like that. I don't have a cable box and I don't want to rent one either. If the only other option is a hi-fi vcr then thats the route I'll go...thanks in advance.

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    What kind of TV doesn't have an audio out? It must be real old. I'd ditch it.

    Your best option if you have cable TV available where you live (hey if you don't have an audio out maybe they haven't heard of cable either there) is to get a DVR obviously it won't be HD DVR based on what your saying and you can then get surround sound from that via an optical cable or other type cables. You might also be able to do the same with a digital cable TV box as well.

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