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    Suggestions on HT options

    I just purchased a new house that is only pre wired for two speakers in my living room. With that being said, I have been thinking about using two bookshelf speakers for front and two ceiling mounts for the rear. I would like to purchase a new sub and center to complete the room. Will this work? Any suggestions?

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    No problem. How good it sounds is another thing altogether. I've yet to hear an in-wall that can hold a candle to a stand-alone. It just depends on where your priorities lie. If you're going to crawl up in you attic to wire the surface mounts, you might as well drop some wire into the walls, terminate them with Niles plates, and enjoy the superior sound of a regular speaker. You'd want to do this for your center channel anyway so why not go for the trifecta? Will it be as indiscrete? No. Will it sound better? You betcha. Again, it just depends on your priorities.

    Good luck and have fun.

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