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    Question SUB,, low pass filter control.huh??

    Hi. Just got a Sub, an Athena AS-P400, and Now I have another Damn Knob
    that I dont know what to do with,,Its a low pass filter control so the book says
    it has marks to dial it to it if your front speakers are matching Athena's, Mine Are Not. the scale on it goes from 40-120, Sooooo I should turn this to???? hahaha Im glad you guys have patience with guys like me,, my front speakers say 130 watt,,8 ohm, crossover frequency 3khz. 7.0 khz.. and sensitivity 89 db at 1w/1m,,,, So do I somehow try to match the numbers on the Sub to the numbers on the speakers?
    Dale M

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    Guess and test...
    set the sub to a level that it integrates with your speakers.
    when you have a sub, it should sound like your speakers and sub are one whole unit.
    Find the speakers frequency response.
    Start by moving the knob to the lowest frequency response.
    Then you guess and test until it sounds just right.
    If you set it too high, you will have an exaggerated "hump" in the bass.
    If you set too low, then there is a gap in the bass.
    Subwoofer integration isnt the easiest thing in the world. That's why some people dont like using them for music.

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    Do you have the sub connected to the subwoofer output on the receiver, or are you running it through the sub's crossover? If you have it set on your receiever, just turn the knob all the way to 120, if you're runing them through the subs crossover due what 92135011 said.


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