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Thread: SPL Meter

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    SPL Meter

    Buying a Radioshack SPL meter (analog) this week and am looking for a cd/dvd to use with it to determin the hot spots in my living room that need dampening. What's the best cd/dvd to use with the SPL meter and where can I buy it?


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    I like the Stryke

    Used primarily for bass, but contains the other frequencies too.

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    Sound and Vision DVD test disk

    Here's the link:

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    Hi JayTee,

    Rives Test CD2 has two sets of test tones (among other stuff) recorded on it. One set is recorded flat to be used with a calibrated meter. the other set is a set of compensated test tones specifically for the radio shack SPL meter. Tho the RadioShack meter seems to be consistent does have some non-linearities.

    Another nice forum to check out for some room talk The Acoustics Circle at AudioCircle.

    have fun!
    I found the spoon

    enjoy the music!

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