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    Question Carver Meter Bulb

    Does anyone have any experience changing the meter bulbs in a Carver
    TFM 15 amp? Is it easy to change the meter bulbs? What is the price of a bulb? Where can I find one? How do I know which bulbs to buy? Thanks.

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    I would try and get ahold of bob carver over at sunfire. . Maybe someone there can help you out.

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    Not with a TFM 15. I searched today for replacement bulbs for my CM-1090 power meters. May or may not be the bulb you need. The only source I found was

    Unfortunately, they have a minimum order/handling of $41.00 (rough conversion from Euro's)

    I'm going to solder leads onto a wedge-base auto instrument panel bulb for now while I keep searching.

    I suggest you open it up and look to see what you need.

    Carver will sell you a service manual for ~$10.00, but it only lists the Carver part number for the bulb. They might help over the phone, but I sorta doubt it. Here's the website:

    It has links for manuals, equipment repair, and a Carver-specific BBS... I did not find it very enlightening.

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    On my CM1090, I tried both 12V auto dash lamps and RatShack 12v 50 mA peanut bulbs. I had to solder wire onto both to get them to reach the PCB connections. Both lit the meters fine, so I went with the RatShack bulbs (less current, 50mA vs, ~170mA for the auto bulbs... less heat).

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