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    Sony KF-60WE610 vs. KDF-60XBR950

    I'm getting ready to buy a LCD projection TV. So far I'm looking at the Sony Grand Wega 60" and the XBR 60". Obviously I like the idea the WE610 cost over 1000 less and weighs about 70 lbs less. However, I've heard about the problems in the 610 series. Just checking the reviews for the 50", the majority of people had problems with them, recalls, etc. Maybe it's just me, but the XBR series appeared to have a better picture when I looked at it and it seemed to have much better construction.

    XBR sounds like the better choice but I'm not sure. I've never bought an LCD HDTV...nor have I ever paid this much money for a TV. I just don't want to pay out this much cash for something that doesn't work.

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    there's not much difference between the two other than an ATSC tuner and longer warranty on the XBR series. In late September the new XS series will ship, these will be a cross between WE and XBR, sharing alot of the same features. As far as I know there has never been a problem or recall with any of the Sony rear projection lcds. Alot of people had premature lamp burnout from plugging the tv into cable boxes.

    If this is the technology that fits your needs, consider a Hitachi ( 60v600) also

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    Xbr950 Vs. We610

    just an addition, the XBR950 has a DRC that if you go to PRO mode, you can select between HIGH DENSITY, PROGRESSIVE and CINEMOTION. i personally like the later cause its smoothens the picture and elliminate some artifacts and still remains very sharp. there is also adjustment like Clear White, Detail Enhancer, Color Corrector, Black Corrector, Gamma Corrector, White Balance and Cinema Black w/c the WE610 has none of it. just hook up a cheap non progressive dvd player and it'll still produce a fine video.
    on the bad issue, my sales rep try to talk me out of this WE610 and XBR950 bec. 2 of there sets, brand new from the factory for there floor model stop working one after the other w/ in a month but i still went on my own and bought the 70XBR950. i was so excited and could'nt hardly wait. after 1 1/2 month of waiting, i got it and set it up right away just to find out that there are 2 white spot on the left bottom of the screen. yeah no big deal but more appeared after a week like about 11 of them. very sad and disappointed after waiting that long so called there service tech (purchase an extended warranty plan) just to hear that they have certain accecptable dead pixel in the industry but they will fixed it. they also commented that this brand has an issue on LCD models. since this is barely a month old, i opted for another set but its gonna take who knows when i'm gonna get another set. so rather than waiting, i just swap it with a DLP front projector w/c has a bigger screen. as of now my wife was more impressed than me. so hope this could help in your dicission.
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