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    Second home theater system

    In spirit of the "Help me decide which one is better: HT-TWZ415T/XAC vs HE903PAW" thread (Help me decide which one is better: HT-TWZ415T/XAC vs HE903PAW)

    Let me start by saying I am not very knowledgable in the audio. In fact, being deaf in one ear, I really only hear in mono, so surround sound is more there to entertain my guests.

    This past fall I purchased a Denon 888 for $400 and 5.1 Paradigm speakers (couldn't tell ya the model, it was a model they had just discountinued and were clearing out of) for $1500 taxes in. They accompany my LG 60PG60 in my basement.

    I had some help from my "techno guru" friend in purchasing this sound system, but I find he is very biased towards brands (he swears by Samsung and made me feel stupid for last minute switching and getting the 60PG60 for $3000 instead of the 58A650 for $3800). So I'm looking for help elsewhere for buying a 2nd system for my living room.

    I'm just looking for a system for my brightly lit living room for casual TV watching, need nothing special audio wise (wallet still hurts a little).
    I've decided in a few months I'll purchase the 52LG70 (boxing day sale was $1700). The TV was available this past week at FS for $2200 with HE903PAW, and I had considered it until I read Pixelthis and RoadRunner6's comments in the above thread, which had me change my mind (thanks).

    Just wondering whether there are other options similar to Pixels recommendations of

    I should consider

    Thanks a bunch

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    All funds in CDN btw

    I can find the Onkyo-sr506 receiver and will likely purchase it (spec sounds similar to my Denon AVR-888?). I only ask for alternatives because I can't find Energy speakers easily, google keeps giving me hits for environmental speakers, heh heh.

    I'd order them from avperfection but wanna do a cost comparisson locally, cause it's gonna cost me a lot in tax/duty to get that delivered across the border.


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    if you're in canada and looking for energy try futureshop
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