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    samsung hlr4667 dlp?

    hey guys,

    anybody own a samsung hlr4667 or the hlr5067 dlp tv? how is it?

    i mostly watch movies and play xbox. dlp seems the best for me. i think crt tubes look best but i want a big screen.

    i have read good reviews for the hlr5067 but cant find much about the hlr4667.

    any feedback is appreciated.


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    I purchased a Samsung HL-R4667W from Circuit City this past week. I actually returned one of the new Sony LCD Projections for this set. So far, I really like the Samsung. HD looks VERY good and SD is "acceptable." (I am a Directv customer.) I have a HDMI cable going directly from the TV to the D* box. I have an optical audio cable going from the D* box to my Yamaha AV receiver. I am noticing though on some HD channels that the audio is awesome and on some the audio is rather poor. I don't think it's the fault of the equipment. I think it's linked to how the tv program was originally recorded. Just a hunch, I'm doing a lot of comparing to see if I can pinpoint the culprit.

    Sporting events look real good and so do the HBO and Showtime HD feeds. I also do NOT notice any blur with fast moving scenes/objects that I DID notice with my Sony LCD Projection. The Samsung performs excellent with "fast action."

    I finally bought a Progressive scan Panasonic DVD player (hooked up using Componentt cables) and it too looks really nice.

    I think with all of these DLP sets it's kind of hit or miss. I have read of some lag issues with DLP's and gaming. Go out to Samsung's Support page and looked under their FAQ ... it discusses "lag" multiple times.

    Most of all, I would buy this set (or any other one) from a local company that's going to be there for ya, if and when needed. I opted for Circuit City due to their proximity and their warranty. I use to work there and if you buy the warranty, you have them at your mercy. This is one of the few items that I highly recommend having an extended warranty on.

    Good luck!!!

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