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    sacd/dvd-a multiple disc player recommendations

    I'm in the market for a $250 or less sacd or dvd-a carousel dvd player. I've been leaning towards the SONY DVP-NC685V as of late. Does anyone know of or can recommend a lower priced carousel player? I don't care how many discs it holds as long as it holds more than one I also do not care if the model plays only sacd or only dvd-a. I'm just looking for an entry level dvd and sacd or dvd-a player. Thanks!

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    There's always the Panasonic DVD-F85S. It can be had on for around $130 before shipping. Look here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by landfill
    There's always the Panasonic DVD-F85S. It can be had on for around $130 before shipping. Look here:

    It also looks like the F87 is now out as well. It seems to be the replacement for the F85.

    I have the F85 and highly recc. it. It plays DVD-A but not SACD.


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    Neither the Sony nor Panasonic do both DVD-A and SACD. Pioneer Elite has a player that'll do both but it's a lot more expensive than the players above.

    If it were me, I'd go with the Sony because is does SACD. DVD-A discs usually have a DTS track on them that sounds terrific, and any DVD layer and/or receiver can decode that nowadays. If you get a DVD-A only player you won't be able to decode SACD discs, which locks you out of a lot of great music.

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