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    rotel rsx1056 & dynaudio

    I have been posting this all over the place.Hope you guys can help.How would the rotel rsx1056 do with either the dynaudio 122 or 52.Is it sufficient w/o an amp or would i definately need to add one.I would like an amp but budget does not allow it.I'm hoping i could do w/o amp for 70%ht and 30% music.thanks

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    You should be OK. Don't worry about the 75wpc rating as that's more than you'll likely need. At least with Rotel, they are publishing the real wpc with 5 channels being driven, something Denon, Yammie, or most other Japanese receivers don't do. FWIW, watts are overrated. Those speakers are pretty inefficient at 86dB's and 4 ohm nominal but Rotel usually uses big power supplies so your current delivery should be up to the task. The website doesn't say if the receiver is stable at 4 ohms with all channels driven so I'd ask your dealer. My guess is you'll be fine.

    Should be a great sounding rig ya got there. Enjoy.

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