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Thread: Room Treatments

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    Room Treatments

    I want to learn more about the very complex ways in which room dynamics play a role in the sound I hear, and I was wondering if anyone had any info on materials that can be used for absorption and how different ways to set it up typically effect the sound of my stereo.

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    Here you go Mister

    These are all excellent sources that talk extensively about room acoustics and treatments.

    Since I generally use RPG's stuff in the installations I have done, I highly recommend them.(I am not an employee of RPG so this is not a sales pitch)
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    Thanks those are great links!

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    In addition to the links that Terrence posted, here are a couple of others. The first article in particular is great because it has installation tips and gathers together information about several room treatment products from different manufacturers.

    If you want to get to know the subject a bit more in depth, you should also read some of Floyd Toole's papers on Harman's website (the article on the front page is an excellent introduction to various measurements and technical concepts used in audio recording and reproduction), as well as F. Alton Everest's Master Handbook of Acoustics, which is a great technical overview on acoustics.

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    Whole bunch of articles

    Real Traps make some of the best bass traps and absorbtion pannels around.

    I would try to get my hands on some owens corning 703 compressed fiberglass, to make absorbtion pannels. link "The high frequencies are tamed using panels fashioned from Owens Corning 703 compressed fiberglass insulation. This stuff comes in 2-foot by 4-foot panels, either one or two inches thick. By placing the fiberglass in a wood frame, which holds the panel off of the wall an inch or two, one can achieve high and high-mid frequency attenuation that is at least as good as that offered by commercially available foam panels. And, I might add, at a much lower cost. "

    I would make the frames and use quilt batting to prevent the fiberglass from getting in the air, then cover them with burlap so they look nice.

    use a few of these pannels to treat your first order reflection points. Which are found by placing a mirror on the walls (side, ceiling, floor, no pannels on floor) sit in the sweet spot and have someone move the mirror around till you see the speaker, that is a first order reflection point. Place a pannel there. This is the first and most important step towards good room acoustics in an already built room. After this comes diffusion and bass traps.

    here are some webshots of my room and my acoustic treaments. I also have some pics of building the pannels I described above. Hope this helps get you started. Room acoustics are so very important.

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    All this stuff is something that interestes me, especially in the challenging room I have to use. Let me post up some pictures of the room so maybe you can help me. This is more of my living room then a theatre room but I would like to do something about the acoustics. If there are things I could do without really compremising the looks that would be helpful! I could even use foam to look 'artsy'. Currently the fireplace has a glass enclosure on it now, and someone recommended cellular shades (which will likely happen). So if there is anything else I can do without making the room look like a padded cell and doesn't cost a fortune I would appreciate it.

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