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    Question about the Yammie rx-v1400/htr-5790

    Can you adjust db for each surround separately? I have a 5590 (rx-v1300 I believe is the equivalent) and I can't adjust them separately...with my room setup my two surrounds end up having to be different distances from the listening position so I may want to upgrade...btw, is the auto-equilibrater thingy "better" than using a sound meter? I'm trying to see if overall an upgrade would be useful...

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    Can someone delete this? I'm just a confused individual...

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    If its anything like the RX-V2200 then you adjust the speaker levels with the parameter room adjustments for each soundfield. I also found a calabration disc better than the onboard tone signals on my yammie that jumps around from speaker to speaker too quickly to get an accurate read.
    Audioholics I believer recently did a staff review on the RX-V2400 which I recommend reading if you can find it.
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