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    Plasma Hum/Ringing Noise

    Do all plasma's make a hum or a ringing noise? I don't know alot about plasma's but that doesn't sound right to me. A neighbor of mine has a plasma and he says that it has a hum/ring noise that comes from it and that he just turns up the volume so you can hear it. (His wife is the most annoyed by it) I haven't gotten a chance to listen to it, but I suggested a "cheater plug". Any other thoughts or solutions? Thanks.

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    Plasmas are notorious for running hot...I have heard people say that the fans in some models are louder than they would like them to be. This is most likely the hum your neighbor hears. Currently manufacturers are working on making the fans quieter, and the majority of the new models (according to the manu's) have a fan that is basically inaudable.

    If its a ring than it could be something else...but if he's worry about it, better to fix it sooner than later!!

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