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    I got my Orb's speakers. Have them hooked to my old Yamaha 795a. These are very good speakers. Spent a few months tring to decide on what to buy. Wanted to keep my budget at around $700. As hard a time I have admitting it I think they sound better tham my Paradigms. Their costomer service was the best I have ever dealt with. After I have them for a while longer I will write a review.

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    I keep praising how great these speakers are but am told off by some people who think I'm shilling for the company. I've got Mod 1 speakers and bought seperately the JVC receiver online that they have as an optional package, with monster cable, and it sounds unbelievable. To save money I got a Accoustic Research ARS 108PSB that sounds excellent. Do you have the Orb subwoofer and would I notice that much difference in sound between that and the ARS subwoofer. I'm not into booming bass and I live in an apartment. Let me know what you think. If you live in the LA area maybe if your free you could let me hear your subwoofer- I'll be happy to recipricate.

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