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    Novice needs help with HTS

    Let's get the preliminaries out of the way and just say where home theater is concerned I classify myself as a moron where my knowledge base is concerned.

    What I'd like to hear is someone explain to me the differences in hookups i.e. optical, S-video, coaxial...what do these mean and how are they different. I have an Onkyo HT-S660 and I'm trying to figure out the best way to set it up and what pitfalls I might encounter along the way. As it stands the only cables they supply are the speaker cables.

    I'm somewhat confused as to the different cabling options and whether or not there are any setup routines I need to follow afterward. I was thinking of an optical and S-video setup but not sure what to do.

    If you were ever new to the home theater game then help a brutha out and tell me how to get the thing running.

    I have a standard Phillips 27" TV with all the outputs and inputs and a Go Video DVD/VCR combo. I have the speakers hooked up and the subwoofer hooked up correcty with the factory supplied cable. But the audio/video in/out has me stumped and until I figure that out it's not going to work.

    Pre-thanks for taking the time to post.


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    those Onkyo systems seem to be pretty popular, although the speakers leave alot to be desired its' made up with a good receiver which brings me to your hook-up problem. With the info supplied this is the best way to go:
    connect Go-Video to Onkyo-use supplied red/white/yellow cable out of dvd/vcr into receivers' video 1 input. The red/white/yellow cables are called composite cables and carry a audio/video signal. All 27" tvs will have at least one of these inputs and your Go-video will pass the DVD AND VCR signal with this cable.

    connect optical cable from DVD section of Go-video to optical input on Onkyo. this cable will carry digital soundtrack from DVDs

    connect video cable from Onkyos' monitor output to TV video input. this cable is color coded yellow and will allow you to use your receiver to switch video choices

    on the Onkyo receiver front panel is a set-up button, use this to tell the receiver that you've connected a optical cable for the DVD.

    on the Phillips TV switch from channels to the video input that you have connected to the Onkyo

    Now you are ready to watch a DVD or video tape

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    Thanks, easy to understand. That's all I was looking for.

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