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    New Rocket Subwoofer: anyone heard it?

    Just ran across a review of Rocket's new 10" acoustic suspension subwoofer (link below). On paper, it looks like yet another attractive option for people like me who want the option of a sealed box subwoofer in the affordable price range. Just in the time since I bought my Adire Rava, which at that time was the only option around the $500 price point, B&W, Atlantic Technology, and now Rocket have put out sealed box subwoofers in that general range.

    Some high points from what I've read so far:
    -500 watt switching power supply amp
    -one-band parametric EQ built in
    -rated bass extension down to 25 Hz (no way to verify how this was measured)
    -bypassable crossover
    -very attractive cabinet
    -compact size

    And some lows points:
    -cannot use crossover with speaker outputs
    -cannot connect crossover to line level components
    -more expensive than some competing products
    -question about deep bass potential

    In this price range, this sub is the only one of the few I've seen that includes a true parametric EQ built in. That feature alone can be very handy. Given that I own an Adire Rava, with an outboard parametric EQ, obviously this new Rocket invites comparison. Of course, because the Rocket is a mail order subwoofer, I cannot do a direct comparison without buying the Rocket. The review of the Rocket indicated that the bass extension doesn't really go too far below 27 Hz. For a 10" sealed box subwoofer, that seems pretty good to me. My Rava is strong down to 25 Hz, with decent bass output below that point, but the Rava also uses a 12" driver with a larger cabinet.

    At the $600 price point, the Rocket really has a lot of stiff competition from ported rivals such as SVS and Hsu. And when Adire resumes production of its Daeva subwoofer ($600 sealed box model with a 15" driver and a 400 watt Class D amp), Rocket will have another comparable rival with much deeper bass extension. However, in the Rocket's favor, it has the most powerful amp, it's the only one with a parametric EQ on board, and its compact size and attractive look make it very room friendly. If anyone's got more info, do tell!

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    From what I've heard from the owners of this sub (especially craigsub) at AV123 forum, it shines for music but isn't as good for HT. The main problem is it doesn't go low enough with enough SPLs. However, what do you expect from a sub in a 13" box? Thus far the winning combo appears to be a Rocket for 25Hz - 80Hz and a SVS for below 25Hz. The real question will be how will their upcoming UFW-12 perform? If it goes down to 20Hz or below with SVS/HSU type SPL and maintains the musicality of the UFW-10 it will be a force to be reckoned with, perhaps even beckoning me to sell my SVS 20-39CS, VMPS Large Subwoofer, and Samson S700 to purchase it. We shall see. I think the UFW-10 is going after the REL and small Velodyne market. In that area, I think it has succeeded. Would still love to hear one.

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