Hi All,

I have an opportunity to get a new Marantz SR-7400 receiver for use as a Pre/Pro, feeding a 5 channel Rotel power amp. The price I have been quoted is $799 all in from an authorized dealer.

My question to fellow discussion group members is if in the $1000 or less price range there are better options? Keep in mind that the Pre/Pro section of the receiver is my emphasis, as I most likely will never need the amp section (although I want decent quality amplification just in case the Rotel goes down and I need to use the receiver for amplification as a backup).

I currently am using a Denon-3300 Receiver as the pre-pro utilizing the component video switching capabilities for HDTV and DVDs. I also use a couple Optical Digital ins and a Coaxial Digital in as well. Speakers the system feeds are 5 Legacy Audio Studios, and an ACI Titan II subwoofer. The reason for the change is the Denon's video switching is dead. :-(

Finally, I like the Circle Surround feature of the Marantz, as ESPN HD uses that format for its programming... So while it is not a requirement, it would be preferable for any competitor to the Marantz to have it as well, unless everything else was clearly better for the same or less money...

Thanks in advance for all your help.