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    JVC Receiver RX-F10 versus Onkyo Receiver TX-LR552

    I am a newbie to sound - please forgive me for my ignorance.

    I am looking for a compact 6.1 and sub-$300 AV receiver and saw these two models "JVC Receiver RX-F10 and Onkyo Receiver TX-LR552".

    Onkyo is a known brand, but the wattage of 65W is less than the JVC model's 100W. Should I prefer JVC for the more wattage or should I compromise the wattage for a better quality of Onkyo?

    I could not find either of these model in local stores and both are available online only. Hence I have no way of listening to them before making the purchase.

    Request for your sincere guidance.

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    Can anyone enlighten me on this please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssrp
    Can anyone enlighten me on this please?
    Wattage can be deceiving, especially for mainstream brands of receivers. For instance, JVC may claim to have more watts, but the Onkyo may in fact be more powerful and produce less distortion, despite the numbers on the box. Go less by number of watts and more by reputation, build quality, features, etc, which in my opinion, negates JVC receivers. Onkyo has a good reputation as does Yamaha, Denon, and Harmon Kardon.

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    Onkyo over JVC for sure as pci says.
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