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Thread: HTIB confusion

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    Question HTIB confusion


    I want to put a system in our family room that can handal everything from playing CD's, to DVD's while getting the best sound possible without refinancing the house. I saw the onkyo HT-S770*
    6.1-Channel Home Theater System and noticed that you can add on their DVD/cd player. I liked it, but, I want to know what others think of this system. It looked good for the price, but, I always like to hear what people have to say about a product before I hand over the plastic. thanks for any comments.

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    Consumerreport magazine did an evaluation of HTiBs in Nov '04 issue, and Yamaha YHT-450 ($500) and YHT-750 ($700) were rated higher than Onkyo-HT-S777C ($700) in term of sound quality.

    Sony DAV-FR8 ($700) and Panasonic SC-HT920 ($500) were also rated higher (in term of sound quality) than above Onkyo model

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