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    How do I hook up home theater to this tv?

    Hello all, I have a question on how to hook up some home audio components to my television as well as a question on whether or not the stuff I want to buy will work together. I am a complete novice with home audio, this will be my first entry into the world so please be easy on me. Thanks.

    Here is my television, a picture of the inputs I have in the back. I remember when I bought the tv people saying it would be a pain in the butt to hook up audio stuff to but I cant remember the solution they said on how to hook everything up.

    As you can see there I have my cable tv hooked up via hdmi, the vga is xbox 360, and component is my dvd player. One thing I did not picture is I unplugged the little y splitter connector thing I have plugged into the green audio port there, it is my audio from the xbox 360 vga cable. My main concern is that the green port is where I will have to hook up a receiver but my xbox 360 audio goes there.

    So my main question is, how the heck do I hook up a receiver and all that to this tv?

    Now onto what I want to buy, its nothing special but I am just wondering if it will all work together or am I overlooking something, like the speakers will not work with the recevier or some such.




    If the sub is inside that first speaker how will I hook it up? I was going to get a standalone subwoofer but that is better for me to have it in the floorstanding speakers

    Thanks I know I gots a lot of questions!
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    Smile Hookup solution


    Best solution is connect all Video OUT from Source (DVD,XBox,Cable) to TV's Video IN.
    And Connect all Audio OUT from Source (DVD,XBox,Cable) to Receiver's Audio IN. This way you can view Video on screen and listen audio on main sound system.

    For digital sound, you should connect "Digital/coexial/optical Audio Out" of DVD, xbox, etc to Digital "Audio IN" of your receiver. And only Video cable should be connected to TV.
    This way you can hear digital sound from your Receiver. (you can do same for analog VCR too.)

    In advance receiver, you can feed all (Video/Audio) signals to Receiver first and only one type of Video signals goes from receiver to TV. bit it needs more AV cables.

    As Some AV cables cannot be seperated, all signals goes to TV first. In this case,
    To hear all TV sound from your sound system , connect audio cable (Red+White) from TV (Audio Out) to your Receiver (TV/Monitor Audio In). If you have connected other equipments (DVD,xbox, Cable, etc) to TV that feeding audio signals to TV, this setup will pass all sound to your main sound system. You need to select input source TV/Monitor on your receiver to hear to sound from your speakers.

    For SUBWOOFER: use Subwoofer OUT from your receiver. For loudest Bass output, put sub in Front Right Corner. But this may give you boomy bass in opposite corner (Back Left), if you lan to sit near that and if it is too much boomy, move sub away from right wall first. As per, you should put sub under Center spkr, (middle of front wall) to hear best possible bass.

    hope this helps.

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    That AVR does not offer any type of flexibility. You should step up to a low/mid end Onkyo, Yamaha or Pioneer.

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    Also those front speakers don't seem to have built in subs.

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    The sherwood is well known as a quality receiver at a cheap price.
    they dont build junk, just be mindfull that this is a 129$ receiver.
    Hook all of the audio stuff into your receiver, all of the video stuff into the TV, sounds like you have everything hooked into a decent spot already.
    But I would look into other speakers, cerwin vegas arent serious speakers, you can get
    better for less, also the little sherwood will have trouble running these big floorstanders.
    Fluance and axiom sell better online, you're not going to get decent floorstanders at this price point, but you dont need that.
    Yamaha makes a great sub, I used to have one, one of the great secrets of the HT world.
    Get some decent matching bookshelves and center and surrounds (you're already on the right track, matching your speakers) and you will be all set.
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