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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarheel_
    "You will never get out, but if you get married, that just may slow you down a little! Have children and it might just kill you!!!!!"

    Kids do not kill the hobby...they promote it...sure you may be watching Cinderella for the umph-teen time, but it's still nice to enjoy your hobby with the 3 year old only knows 5.1 TV and movies.
    Hey Tarhell,

    If you knew me, you would no I was just making an attempt at humor.

    I love children, as long as they belong to someone else!

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.J.
    Great stories everyone. There's alot of patient guys out there.
    One of the nicest parts of the home theater hobby is that it inherently rewards patience, and provides ample opportunity for incremental upgrades along the way. Just think of how many times people have come onto this board inquiring into HTIB systems. Almost all of the more experienced posters respond by preaching patience, because they either have first hand experience or have observed other newbies making similar decisions.

    I think the biggest dilemma comes when people decide between a complete 5.1 speaker setup up front, or only buying the best pair of speakers available for the same budget. With a complete 5.1 setup from the outset, the complete surround functionality is there from the beginning. But, at the end of the day, expending more of the budget to fewer speakers at first and incrementally adding on will eventually result in a better performing system, provided that the buyer's willing to go with less than optimal virtual surround and nonmatching speaker setups in the interim.

    And with upgrades, there are so many different options available that the hobby provides. In my case, with every additional speaker I added to my initial two-speaker setup, I got that much better sound quality from my system. And upgrades don't even have to involve buying new components. Just learning how to properly align the speakers, level match and time align the speakers, equalize the subwoofer, use the receiver's menu options, calibrate the video display, etc., can have its own set of rewards.

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    This is a very interesting question, and I think that a hobby is a purely personal matter for everyone. If I talk about myself, I don't like fishing, I think it's boring. My real hobby is animals, and I especially love dogs. I can spend hours with my faithful four-legged friend. However, recently I started pampering my dog ​​and decided that I should buy the highest quality things for it. For a long time I was looking for a good option that would suit me. I have asked on the forums and talked to different people and almost everyone who has told me that Oohlalapets are the best option. To be honest, at first I was afraid to buy a product from this site, but then I realized that this is really the best option, and I can recommend it to everyone with confidence and to everyone.

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    I've tried to do hunt! I know that isnít very easy job to choose the best thermal scope for hunting. But when you did chose the best, and then everything would be very easy for you in hunting. Because you could easily shoot the prey from a longer range than usual. In the good thermal monocular, you will be having so many advantages which make you more comfortable.

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    I ran my TVs through my receiver for a long while but my first surround was an add on converter for center and rear channels. Wasn't what I was thinkin. I'm old enough to remember the big breakthrough in quad sound. A move brought new gear.

    I finally put my latest audio side in place with B&K/Martin Logan/Velodyne 5.1 to enjoy the SACD/DVDA discs. In that setup I ran a Pioneer Elite rear projection, Pioneer Plasma, Panasonic Plasma. I now use a Sony OLED. I added the extra 2 channels for a 7.1 rig. I still get chills putting on a good rumbler like Jurassic Park or Saving Private Ryan and listen to the fun that is HT. The dogs, not so much.

    At my age, the rig is in the basement collecting dust and I use a sound bar on the main TV.
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