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    hooking up a hdtv with no hdmi

    I'm going to order a Yamaha RX-V2600 receiver and a DVD-S2500 player. I have a Pioneer 533 HDTV with no hdmi. So I'm guessing an hdmi cable from the DVD to the receiver and a component cable and a audio cable from the receiver to the TV. This should hopefully up scale my dvd picture. As for the SET TOP BOX (Direct Tv H10), a component cable and a audio cable to the tv should do it. Direct Tv has sent a patch for "blacking out and "phone issues" so my main concern will be standard video reseption. My son in law in sacramento says he uses his old box for SD and the H10 for HD.

    The S2500 is available so I should have it within a week. The RX-V2600 should reach vendors sometime in October. I would appreciate your comments as my audio visual expertice is virtually non existant,


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    Lots of people here will know more than I do about your particular receiver and DVD player. I'm assuming from what you've said that they are both HDMI-capable. HDMI from the DVD player to receiver should give you the audio, provided that you follow the receiver's instructions for accessing audio inputs. If the receiver has a component output to the TV for everything hooked up to it, that would be the one to use. However, you don't need an audio connection to the TV for either your DVD player or STB. The receiver will handle audio output to your speakers directly. So just run a digital audio cable, either coaxial or toslink, from the STB to an appropriate input on the receiver.

    If the TV has two component inputs, you might consider connecting both the DVD player and STB to it directly, since, in your case (a CRT RPTV), direct connection would give you the best picture quality and simplest signal path. If the HDMI route for video is the most convenient for you, then by all means use it. But as a digital connection, it requires a D/A conversion to your analog TV, which can have a slight impact on image quality for those who care about such things. Also, upconversion via HDMI is wasted on a CRT TV, since a CRT doesn't have to fill a fixed pixel count as a plasma, LCD, or DLP TV does. Your TV automatically accepts the incoming signal at 480 or 1080.

    I hope my hasty reply didn't confuse you.


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