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    Great forum. I love reading all of the advice.

    I am considering purchasing the Harman Kardon TS 14 package (see link below). I can get it for under $400. I am wanting to stay under $500. Does this seem like a good package? I thought about going with their HKTS 8 package. It has a smaller sub, but the room I will have the sub in is 600+ Sq ft. Any thoughts about going with the smaller package? I think my wife would like the smaller speakers in the HKTS 8 as well.

    Last question. My receiver is a Sony DTR-1015 (I believe that is the correct model number). I bought it back in 1995. It has front, rear, and center speaker cabability, but no sub out. I would have to run the wires through the sub before I run them to the front speakers. Additionally, the rear speakers are limited to 25 watts. I thought about getting a new receiver either 5.1 or better. Any suggestions? I would like to get a new receiver, but I am not sure if I should just hold on to what I have. It has been a great receiver, but again no direct sub output.

    Thanks for your help.
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