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    hk digital receiver

    Am considering the HK DPR 1001 digital receiver. Does anyone have opinions on this receiver? Thanks

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    A similiar question was asked about 6 months ago. This is a fairly new product and it seems that none on this site have the receiver. I auditioned one a little over 2 years ago when they were still over $1000.00. I liked it, especially the smaller footprint and less heat and it had plenty of power for me. Unfortunately due to the high cost at that time I opted for a HK AVR-320. I'm not sure about the reliabilty of this hybrid unit, but I haven't heard any derogratory remarks. CircuitCity has about 19 reviews but who knows if the reviews are fake or not--just like here IMO. They are selling this unit for around $650.00 at CircuitCity now. I believe the DPR 2001 (not sure if thats the model) is coming out in the near future. Maybe that's why the prices are dropping.

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